Specialist Mattress Cleaners in Abbey Wood

Getting upholstery cleaned effectively requires skill and expertise. When you schedule our upholstery cleaning in Abbey Wood you’ll be assured of a professional service that gets the best possible results for fabric, leather, and suede. The processes used are powerful, yet gentle enough not to harm any fibre construction.

Let Us Outline Our Upholstery Cleaning in Abbey Wood

Our experienced upholstery cleaners in Abbey Wood will arrive at your property armed with all the cleaning products and equipment necessary to carry out the service. Your technician will assess the fabric type and choose the cleaning method to use:

Steam Cleaning: we’ll prepare by pre-treating stains, and protecting carpets with pads under the furniture legs. Hot steam will be injected into the upholstery, penetrating deeply and removing all dirt and debris with the extracted water.

Dry Cleaning: we’ll use an effective dry cleaning method that applies a solvent by machine. All ingrained dirt is sucked out. It’s powerful, yet safe for delicate fabrics.

Dry Foam Cleaning: we’ll apply a pre-conditioning spray to loosen any dirt, and the fabric will be thoroughly brushed and vacuumed. Then a powerful solvent will be left to harden for about 10 minutes before the crystallised foam is extracted.

Service Benefits Tailored to Suit You

When you book upholstery cleaning from Kris Carpet Cleaning you’ll always be put first. That’s why you can take advantage of the all of the following:

  • A professional service – delivered by trained and certified specialist upholstery cleaners
  • Customer support 24/7 – get help and advice by phone or online
  • Maintenance tips – free advice from your knowledgeable technician
  • Eco-friendly products – it’s company policy to ensure their use

Get Professional Help With Upholstery Cleaning in Abbey Wood

Trained advisers are waiting to take your call on 020 7846 0474, day or night. Book your upholstery cleaners in Abbey Wood by phone, or enter your details into our contact us form.

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