Experienced Rug Cleaners in Abbey Wood

You’ll find our rug cleaning service in Abbey Wood invaluable for your expensive, precious rugs. We’ve got the skills and the experience to expertly determine the correct procedure to ensure your rugs are never damaged. Our modern hot water techniques are suitable for all synthetics and wool, while delicate fibres will receive the utmost care with our dry cleaning methods. Book rug cleaning specialists from Kris Carpet Cleaning to get the results you desire!

Our Rug Cleaners in Abbey Wood Are Exceptional

Your rug cleaning will be performed following a thorough inspection and testing of fibres, and then a suitable method will be chosen. This could be:

Hot Water Extraction

Any stains will be pre-treated – then hot water will be sprayed under high pressure deep into the rug fibres. When the water is extracted it brings out all of the ingrained dirt, dust, and unwanted bacteria too. You can request an air mover if you want rugs to dry quickly.

Dry Cleaning

Suitable for your more delicate rug fibres, as the dry powder won’t cause any shrinkage. The powder absorbs the dirt without leaving any residue, and is easy to apply – and you can walk on the rug straight away! Got valuable or antique rugs? No worries – we can carefully clean them too.

Why You Need Our Rug Cleaning Services in Abbey Wood

Our rug cleaners in Abbey Wood are all trained and certified by Prochem. Kris Carpet Cleaning is a fully insured service provider, and will also arrange:

  • 24/7 customer service – get advice and support by phone or online
  • 7 days a week viewings – at the weekends too
  • Inspections prior to treatments – ensuring the best possible outcome
  • Eco-friendly products – all detergents provided by a leading UK supplier
  • A comprehensive service – request stain protection and deodorisation too

Book Professional Rug Cleaning in Abbey Wood Today

It’s quick and easy to book our rug cleaners in Abbey Wood – call 020 7846 0474 or fill in our contact us form. All we need to know from you is the size and condition of your rug – we’ll do the rest!

020 7846 0474

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